Fed’s Delay of Parts of Volcker Rule Is Another Victory for Banks

December 22nd, 2014

so interesting

Wall Street is learning how to win in Washington. Its latest victory came on Thursday when the Federal Reserve agreed to delay putting in place a core part of the Volcker Rule, which bans banks that enjoy taxpayer backing from engaging in speculative trading.

Good News For Banks, Fed Grants Volcker Rule Reprieve

December 22nd, 2014

Rome wasnt built in a day!

Banks added to their wins in Washington this month by getting a reprieve from the Volcker Rule that will let them hold onto billions of dollars in private-equity and hedge-fund investments for at least 2 more yrs. The US Federal Reserve granted the delay …

Global banks’ local woes in India

December 22nd, 2014

oh i can’t beleive it

Addressing the press after the Reserve Bank of India’s (RBI) board meeting in Kolkata early this month, governor Raghuram Rajan said the federal government has asked the Indian central bank to review the so-called priority sector lending obligations to …

China Eases Rules For Foreign Banks

December 22nd, 2014

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The Chinese cabinet unveiled rules to ease market access for foreign banks in order to open up the domestic financial sector. The State Council reportedly amended its rules in order to remove the requirement that foreign banks should transfer a specific …

Online Fraud: Cops Tell Banks to Be Vigilant

December 22nd, 2014

does anyone know when this will take effect

BENGALURU: From now on, banks in the state will not accept email requests by customers for funds transfer. The state cyber crime police have warned banks against transfer of money based on such requests following the increase in the number of online frauds.

Azealia Banks’ emotional interview about Iggy Azalea leads to new Twitter feud between rappers

December 22nd, 2014

and i though i was the only one to see it this way

Iggy Azalea and Azealia Banks had another Twitter showdown after the “212” rapper explained her dislike for the Aussie artist. During an interview with New York radio station Hot 97 on Thursday, Banks often became emotional as she detailed why she has …

Banks urged to identify new niches in the market

December 22nd, 2014

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The Chief Executive Officer of Universal Merchant Bank (umb), Ms Nilla Selormey, has said it is time for the banks in the country to identify new niches in the market where each can play efficiently and still achieve good growth. “Although we collaborate …

Banks hiring consultancies to do corporate investigations of non-performing loans

December 22nd, 2014

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MUMBAI: A Kolkata-based company recently said it’s unable to repay a loan of around Rs 2,000 crore to a consortium of public sector banks, claiming it suffered a loss of around Rs 1,000 crore because its vendors took it for a ride. The banks promptly hired …

Iggy Azalea and Azealia Banks Feud Reaches New Levels as Twitter War Ignites

December 22nd, 2014

this is bogus, who would think

There has been a feud between rappers Iggy Azalea and Azealia Banks, but it reached new levels this week as Azalea, who has stayed mostly silent since the feud started, has started hitting back on Twitter. During an interview with Hot 47, Banks explained …

British upstart banks get IT boost to take on big rivals

December 22nd, 2014

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LONDON, Dec 21 (Reuters) – When Metro Bank prepared to launch in 2010 as the first new bank to appear on British high streets for over a century, its founders broke with convention by outsourcing the construction of its computer systems. Until then …